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The historic center

What see

Split mountain and the Turk's cave
Old Gaeta, the historic center
the temple of San Francesco
the cathedral of Gaeta
Via Indipendenza and surrounding areas
the church of San Giovanni a Mare
the Angevin-Aragonese castle
the powder magazine and the mausoleum
the beaches of Gaeta

What to eat

The Tiella of Gaeta

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What to see:

Old Town
Village of Castellone
within the neighbourhood, the Roman theater which legend has it that, on 2 June 303 AD, during the ferocious Christian persecutions, the martyrdom of the bishop of Antioch and then of the saint Erasmus of Formia was perpetrated in this place. The Roman Cisternone is also located here.
Cicero's tomb
finally the village of Maranola is characterized by different churches such as that of the Annunziata, of Santa Maria ad Martyres, which houses splendid baroque altars and a terracotta nativity scene from the 1700s, that of San Luca Evangelista with a medieval crypt which preserves a dedicated wall painting to the cult of the Madonna del latte.

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